The Truth About Your Tooth

The Truth About Your Tooth

FAQs About Dental Crowns: Clearing Up The Confusion

Dental crowns are necessary to cover a damaged tooth and hide cosmetic issues. Your dentist can help you decide when and if a crown is needed. The use and care of dental crowns are often confusing for patients. Here are a few FAQs that can help you better understand them. What Is a Dental Crown? Crowns are made of either porcelain or gold. They are made to fit onto a

Babies and Oral Thrush - How a Dentist Can Help

Infants, just like older children, may need to see a children's dentist for oral health issues. Some of these issues may be ones that are completely new to you, like the development of oral thrush. Find out about thrush, why it happens, and how your child's dentist will help to resolve the problem.  What Is Thrush in Children? There are a few signs that you may s

How Emergency Dental Care Helps With Extruded Teeth

Fights are never a good idea because they can cause a lot of physical damage that can be hard to recover from. For example, an extruded tooth may occur that requires dental emergency care to manage properly. Extruded Teeth Can Be a Problem When a person's mouth gets impacted in any way — such as by a fist during a fight — there is likely going to be some damage to the

Thumb Sucking — What Is The Problem And How Can A Dentist Help?

If you have a child who sucks their thumb, then your family dentist can speak with you about the ways that the habit can affect your child's oral health in the future. If you want to know about some of the negative consequences of this and to also learn how your dentist can prevent some of these issues, then keep reading. Oral Health Problems Thumb sucking is somethin

How Much Time Should You Spend Daily on Your Oral Health?

Have you ever wondered how much time you should spend daily on caring for your teeth, gums, and mouth? Many people wonder if they spend enough time caring for these vital body parts, but how much time is enough? If you ask your dentist about this, they might suggest the following tips to ensure that you care properly for your mouth. 1. Time You Should Spend Brushing B