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Dental Bonding: When Should You Get It?

Are you struggling to hide imperfections on your teeth? You don't need to anymore. Dental bonding is a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure that is affordable and highly effective. Tooth bonding is a procedure where the dentist bonds tooth-colored resin on your tooth. 

Bonding has become popular due to its affordability. It is among the most affordable cosmetic dentistry processes. Dental bonding is painless, and you can get the procedure done in one visit.

Why You Might Need Dental Bonding

You don't need to hide your smile or talk with your lips close together to mask imperfections. Dental bonding helps if you have:

The bonding procedure is painless because the dentist works on the tooth's surface. The area is less sensitive; thus, you cannot feel pain, and the dentist doesn't need to administer anesthesia. Dental bonding is a relatively straightforward procedure with little to no recovery time. However, after the procedure, refrain from drinking beverages with caffeine and wine and smoking for a few days. 

Is Dental Bonding a Long-term Solution?

Yes, it is. Your dentist will use composite resin during the bonding process. Resin is a high-quality material that can last for several years. How long the bonding lasts depends on your dental and eating habits. Therefore, you should maintain oral hygiene and visit your dentist as scheduled during the procedure.

After the dental bonding procedure, take charge of your oral health and ensure your teeth remain looking and functioning best. Avoid taking nicotine and sugary and acidic foods, which can discolor and wear down your teeth.

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