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What Kind Of Impact Do Dental Implants Have On Oral Health?

Dental implants are a popular method of teeth replacement because of their versatility and longevity. Whether you need one tooth replaced or several, dental implants can be utilized to take the place of your original teeth seamlessly and without any obvious differences between the real and artificial teeth. However, before signing up for something like dental implants, it's understandable if you want to know if it will have any kind of lasting impact on your oral health. There's actually good news in this regard, so read on.

Gum Health

Dental implants do have an impact on dental health, but it's a positive thing. Dental implants can impact everything from your bones to your teeth, so here's what you should consider about the teeth.

One of the best things that dental implants do for your oral health is keeping your gums healthy. They do this by operating much like real teeth.

Unlike dentures and bridges, which sit on the surface of the gums, dental implants go underneath them, all the way to the jaw bone. This mimics the functionality of real teeth, where the root of the tooth sinks down into the gums and all the way to the bone.

What this can do for you is that every bite you take on that dental implant will put pressure on your gums, pushing blood out and letting new blood in. While it isn't the only method with which blood circulates through your gums, this regular pressure can help to maintain good circulation and will keep your gums healthier and less likely to develop gum disease.

Tooth Health

If you have any remaining teeth, dental implants can help to keep them healthy. Dental implants act like real teeth, transferring pressure the way that real ones do. By stimulating the gums and keeping the circulation working well through them, this blood flow will continue to help support surrounding teeth, keeping them healthy and well.

Bone Health

Finally, getting back to the way that the implants reach the bones, they also support the health of your bones. While you might not think about the strength of your bones as playing a big role in the health of your mouth, they do have an important role to play. Strong bones are a must in order for your teeth to stay firmly situated, which helps to keep your teeth healthy and strong. The more you chew with the dental implants, the stronger your bones will become, and in return, they'll support your remaining teeth and the implants themselves.

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