The Truth About Your Tooth

Problems That Dental Veneers Can Fix

Cosmetic dentistry is a very important field that helps restore people's teeth visually and functionally. One of the more prominent services in this particular domain is veneers. They're essentially thin shells that go over teeth and they can help address a range of problems.


Even if you're responsible for how your teeth are cared for, stains can sometimes still show up. If the stains are really bad, you may start feeling bad about your appearance. Even worse, sometimes whitening procedures may not help fade the stains.

If you're out of whitening options, getting a set of veneers may be the best way to visually impact your smile. No matter how bad the stains are on your real teeth, the veneers will go in front of them and make them completely disappear. What will be left over are white, natural-looking teeth. 

Misaligned Teeth

It's actually pretty normal for some of the teeth in your mouth to be out of alignment. If the alignment is minor, it may be fixable with standard braces. If, however, the misalignment is very severe and something that braces wouldn't be able to address, veneers are always an option.

The dentist won't have to do much to place veneers over the misaligned teeth other than taking molds and see what is best from an installation standpoint. Once veneers are placed over your misaligned teeth, you'll have a straighter smile and won't have to experience a lot of pain to get it. 

Chipped Teeth

A more complicated problem is a chip or chips in your teeth. Normally when a couple of teeth are chipped, bonding is the best procedure. However, it may be counter-productive to bond a lot of teeth with chips — especially if they're in really bad shape.

In this situation, veneers may be the best thing you can get. Whatever condition your real teeth are in, veneers will cover the issues and no one will even notice that the veneers aren't real teeth. This option may also be more cost-effective rather than having each individual tooth worked on.

Veneers are becoming quite a popular option for addressing a lot of teeth complications, including yellow stains, chipped teeth, and teeth that aren't aligned properly. As long as you make sure you're a great candidate and maintain veneers properly, then you'll enjoy better-looking teeth for a while and make the most out of this investment. 

For more information about what services cosmetic dentistry can offer, contact a local dentist's office.