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How Emergency Dental Care Helps With Extruded Teeth

Fights are never a good idea because they can cause a lot of physical damage that can be hard to recover from. For example, an extruded tooth may occur that requires dental emergency care to manage properly.

Extruded Teeth Can Be a Problem

When a person's mouth gets impacted in any way — such as by a fist during a fight — there is likely going to be some damage to their oral health. For example, some may end up losing teeth that fall out of the jaw after a heavy blow. However, there is also the chance that a person may suffer from an extruded tooth. This problem is unique because the tooth is falling out but hasn't yet left the jaw.

In many cases, dentists consider this a full dental emergency. They do so for a few reasons. First of all, the extruded tooth can cause pain and other health issues that can be hard to tolerate. Secondly, the tooth can be saved, if the person gets immediate care from a specialist. As a result, it is a good idea to consider the benefits of emergency dental care in a touch-and-go situation like an extruded tooth.

Emergency Care is Critical

Emergency dental care for an extruded tooth takes on a handful of different approaches. First of all, a dentist immediately diagnoses whether the tooth can be saved and then repositions it gently back into the socket if possible. If it cannot be saved, they remove the tooth and consider implants or other types of treatments. The repositioning if the tooth is not the only step taken if the tooth can be saved.

First of all, a sealant will be added to the tooth to hold it in place and keep it as strong as possible. Then, the dentist will check the rest of the mouth for any other problems. For example, if there is bleeding around the impact area after a fight, they can stop it and clean up the wound to avoid infection. They can also make sure no other teeth are damaged or need to be removed.

And after this care is finished, a person may need to go through a few different upkeep processes to keep their teeth strong. For example, they may want to consider a maintenance appointment a few weeks after their emergency dental care. This maintenance step can ensure that the emergency treatments are effective and long-lasting.