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Should You Talk To Your Family Dentist About Your Bad Breath?

Having bad breath is embarrassing, but there are things you can do about it. Around 25% of people have bad breath, and going to the dentist for this condition is in the top three reasons for dental visits, so don't feel like you're alone in your situation. Bad breath can also be a sign of oral health problems, so if you are having difficulties managing bad breath or have had people comment on the condition of your breath, you may want to talk to your family dentist about your condition.

Here are signs you should talk to your family dentist about your bad breath. Once your family dentist has done an exam on your mouth to see what your problem may be, they can help you remedy the situation so you feel better about your mouth in general.

You also have bleeding gums

If you have foul breath along with a bleeding or sore gums issue, then you may be dealing with gingivitis or serious gum disease. Bad breath is often caused by gum disease because the bacteria and decay in the mouth causes the breath to worsen with time. See your family dentist about your bad breath if your gums are also in poor health, particularly if you have suffered from gingivitis in the pat.

You have tried at-home solutions without relief

Chewing a sugar-free gum should help relieve some of your bad breath because chewing gums helps encourage saliva production. Saliva production encourages the flushing out of food particles and bacteria. Mouth wash should also help relieve bad breath because it kills bad-breath-causing germs. Flossing removes plaque and food particles from your teeth and should also help with bad breath prevention.

If you've tried every at-home solution you can think of to get rid of your bad breath to no avail, it's time to see a family dentist. They can prescribe you a certain mouth wash or help you with your oral health routine to give you a fresher smile. In some cases, a rotting tooth or another type of dental issue may be at play, which can be taken care of by your family dentist easily.

When you have to see your family dentist for bad breath, know you're doing the right thing for your oral health. You can not only remedy your original complaint, but you can also tackle any oral health issues that are causing your bad breath in the first place for a healthier, happier smile. Reach out to a family dentist like Thomas Krull, DDS, PC near you for more information.