The Truth About Your Tooth

Dental Implants And Prepping For Your Dazzling New Smile

If you want to improve your smile, make your entire mouth healthier, and close embarrassing gaps, dental implants are your all-in-one solution. Dental implants are no longer just for celebrities — everyone is getting in on the act. When it comes to implants, preparation is a major big deal. Read on for a summary of what to expect before your new smile is improved with an implanted tooth.

Discuss Bone Structure Issues With Your Dentist

Before you can begin the implant process, the dentist needs to make sure you have good bones to anchor the implants with. Implants are inserted into your gums and must form a strong bond with your jawbones. Aging, medication use, and certain other lifestyle issues can affect bone density in your jaws and everywhere else. However, even if your bone structure is lacking, that is no reason to leave the idea of dental implants behind. While you are making appointments, be sure to have your teeth cleaned professionally before having any other work done on your mouth.

Have Bone Graft Surgery

If diagnostic tools determine that your bone structure needs help, you can add some density using a bone graft. Bone grafts are easier to accomplish than many people think. This surgery is on an outpatient basis and has been performed successfully for many years. The material used to perform bone graft surgery can come from your own body, or it can be from other sources. In most cases, the procedure is quick and easy, Unfortunately, you must wait several months after the surgery is complete for your mouth to heal and the bone graft to become permanent. Once your jaws are strong enough, you are ready for the implant.

Go With a Mini-implant

If you have weak bones, you may be able to get a mini-implant instead of a bone graft. Mini-implants are not as resilient, but they can be anchored to bone that may not be dense enough for a traditional implant. That means a shorter process overall with the same positive results.

Getting Ready for the Big Day

Your dentist will provide you with some written instructions to follow, but they will probably include these tasks:

  1. A prescription for antibiotics for those with compromised immune status or those with artificial joints, implants, or heart conditions.
  2. Prepare to stay home by taking a day or so off from work.
  3. Shop for easy-to-chew foods and prepare things ahead of time.
  4. Arrange for a driver if you are being anesthetized with intravenous medication.
  5. Follow medication, eating, and drinking instructions the night before and morning of the surgery.

To find out more about the implant preparation process, speak to a dentist like Michael G Landy DDS.