The Truth About Your Tooth

What Are The Options When Dealing With A Decaying Tooth?

Are you confident that you have a decaying tooth? You might feel this way because you are experiencing a lot of sensitivity and having trouble chewing on a specific side of your mouth because of your tooth. When you have tooth decay, you need to go to the dental office. Waiting to see a dentist will only cause the condition of your teeth to get much worse. However, if you go to the dental office as soon as you can, you will find out that there are a few different options provided to patients with decay. The right choice for you will depend on how severe the decay is and what you would prefer to have done.

The Basic Dental Filling

A dental filling is a saving grace for those with cavities. When you notice an issue with your tooth and you visit the dentist right away, the dentist can help save the rest of your tooth by removing the decay and then putting the filling in place to seal the hole on your tooth. It is such a standard and simple procedure that often takes the dentist less than 15 minutes to complete. And, during this procedure, you will have your gums numbed to prevent you from feeling anything that would cause you discomfort.

The Detailed Root Canal

If you had a cavity for a while and did not get it checked out and treated by a dentist, you might need a root canal. The procedure takes more time than a traditional dental filling procedure would take, but it can help save the tooth. During this dental procedure, the dentist is cleaning the tooth and removing the particles of your tooth root that ended up infected because of the decay. After carefully cleaning the tooth out, the dentist then seals it with a resin to keep it closed and protected.

While there is a common belief that root canal procedures cause an extreme amount of pain, it is just a myth. The dentist still numbs the area and can complete the root canal within a reasonable period. You might experience a slight bit of irritation after having the work done to your tooth, but it usually does not last much longer than a day or two.

A Simple Extraction

If you do not want to go through with a root canal or if the decay is just too bad, you might need to get the tooth pulled. The procedure is known as an extraction. It might sound painful, but the dentist injects the gums with a numbing agent beforehand. The dentist will make sure the area is completely numb before working on pulling the tooth out. It will often only take a few minutes for the dentist to remove the tooth. After an extraction, you do have a way to replace the tooth that you no longer have inside your mouth. You can discuss getting a dental implant with the dentist. The implant would get placed in the spot where you had your tooth pulled from in the office.

Unfortunately, decay can develop on teeth. Some people naturally have sensitive teeth or are more prone to dealing with cavities than other people. If you have a decaying tooth, you do have options, and you should talk them over with your dentist. Many people have a fear of the dentist and are afraid to visit the office for treatment. You should know that a caring dentist will talk to you about ways to treat the decay, relieve any of your pain, and protect your tooth, so there is nothing for you to feel afraid of when you are receiving dental care.

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