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Keep Your Smile In Good Shape With These Summer Tips

Summer is an enjoyable time for individuals of all ages. The kids are out of school, which allows the family to spend some family time together. You may be interested in heading to the beach for a vacation, or you may prefer to have a cookout for some friends and family in the backyard. Whatever the case may be, if you are not careful enough, you may damage your teeth in the process. Here are a few tips that will help ensure your smile stays looking great all throughout the summer.

Be Careful with Pool Water

Chlorine is used in swimming pools in order to fight various forms of bacteria. In the event that pool water gets into your mouth, the chemical—which is acidic—can and will likely cause damage to the enamel on your teeth over time. Enamel an exterior coating that protects your teeth. So, after the kids go for a swim, make sure they use a bottle of water to rinse out their mouths. You should do the same.

Wear Mouth Guards

There are many physical activities that are played during the warmer months of the year. These activities are great for the kids to remain active while school is not going on and for the family to have fun together. However, some of these activities, such as flag football or basketball, can result in facial and oral injuries, resulting in a chip or crack of a tooth. In some cases, a tooth may become dislodged. To ensure teeth are protected during these activities, talk to a dentist about having a mouth guard custom-made for your child.

Stay Properly Hydrated

When the temperatures rise, you tend to sweat more, particularly the more active you are. It is important that you are drinking at least eight glasses of water per day, though, to ensure you do not get dehydrated. The more you are able to drink, the better. It is best to avoid any kind of sugary beverages, as these can increase the risk of cavities.

Keep Up with Oral Hygiene During Travel

Over the summer, you and your family are likely to schedule a family vacation. This may be a weekend getaway, a camping trip, or a week-long trip across the country. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you and the rest of the family continue their teeth cleaning habits while away from home. If your kids are going to overnight summer camp, make sure that they understand the importance of maintaining their oral hygiene habits.

The best thing you can do over the summer is to keep up with bi-annual dental checkups. Contact your family dentist to schedule a dental cleaning if you or your children have not had theirs this year. Reach out to a family dentist to learn more.