The Truth About Your Tooth

Why Is A Root Canal Necessary?

Are you in need of a root canal because you have a tooth with infected pulp? If so, you may be wondering why the procedure is necessary. Here are some concerns you likely have about your root canal before you have the procedure done. 

Why Save The Tooth?

Many people are afraid of root canals because of the specifics of the procedure. If you are told that you need one, it is essentially because your dentist has discovered a problem with your tooth that requires immediate action. The hope is that the dentist can save the tooth by removing the infected pulp inside it. The process of cleaning out the inside of the tooth will require removing a significant part of your tooth, which can leave your tooth weak as a result.

You may be wondering why you should go through the procedure to leave a weakened tooth in its place. A dentist will always try to save a tooth because it will be best for your oral health. The root of the tooth still gives the jawbone stimulation when pressure is put on it, and the tooth will still feel like a natural part of your mouth. 

Pulling the tooth can actually lead to several problems, including a costly procedure to replace it. A dental bridge, partial denture, and dental implant are all options to replace a missing tooth, which are more complicated than simply having a root canal performed.

Why Is A Dental Crown Necessary?

Your dentist is going to use a dental crown to cover the tooth with the root canal. The dental crown is key to giving the tooth additional strength in its weakened state. Since the inside of the tooth will be removed to get rid of the infected pulp, the tooth will be more prone to breaking from normal use. A crown will sit on top of the tooth and give it extra strength so that the tooth doesn't break. 

The procedure for getting a dental crown will actually require removing a portion of the tooth so that a crown can sit on top of it. This is necessary so that the crown aligns with your natural bite, and so that the crown can cover the tooth and provide it with a natural look. It has both a cosmetic and practical purpose, which helps restore your smile back to the way it once was. 

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