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3 Lesser Known Facts About Pediatric Dental Care

Every time you take your child to the dentist, you are protecting their teeth and helping to build habits of good dental care that can last their whole lives. When it comes to children's dental care, the dentist who provides it will have a huge impact on your child's overall experience. Rely on children's dental care specialists to provide the expert examinations, treatment, and restorative work that your child needs to grow into a healthy adult. Here are three facts you may not know about pediatric dental care:

1. Pediatric dentists are adept at soothing children.

Many adults have dental phobias that linger from experiences they had in childhood, but this doesn't have to be the case for your child. When children have pleasant, trauma-free experiences at the dentist's office, they are more likely to grow up without fear of dental treatment. Pediatric dentists are adept at soothing children who come to the dentist's office frightened. Using a combination of distraction techniques and mild sedatives, a pediatric dentist can give your child a quick and easy dental appointment.

2. General anesthesia is one tool at your pediatric dentist's disposal.

Most dental procedures are performed with the aid of local anesthetic. A local anesthetic is a numbing agent that is injected into the gums or nerves surrounding a tooth. It's used most frequently because it offers no cognitive side effects and little risk. However, some pediatric patients are too young to sit through restorative dental treatments. Small children may squirm and fuss while having cavities filled, which can make the procedure riskier. Fortunately, many pediatric dental clinics offer general anesthesia as an option for very young patients who need restorative work or oral surgery. Your pediatric dentist will carefully weigh the options and discuss them with you so you can decide how to proceed.

3. Pediatric dental care doesn't stop the minute your child turns 18.

It's true that pediatric dentists specialize in children's care. However, your child will not be denied treatment as soon as they turn 18. Pediatric dentists understand that finding a new dentist can be a complicated ordeal, especially if your child moves away for college. Many pediatric dentists are happy to see patients for a couple of extra years after they reach the age of majority. If your child needs help finding a general dentist after they age out of pediatric care, their pediatric dentist can make some helpful recommendations. 

To learn more information, reach out to a pediatric dental clinic near you.