The Truth About Your Tooth

3 Situations That Warrant Help From An Emergency Dentist

Your teeth are not indestructible. You will have issues with them from time to time. However, if you run into one of these severe issues, then you'll want to get help from an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. 

Chipped Tooth

Sometimes unfortunate things happen that cause your teeth to chip. You're probably worried about the aesthetics of this problem and may be in a great deal of pain. The best thing you can do in this case is to work with an emergency dentist. They'll use numbing agents on the affected tooth so that your pain subsides quickly. 

They can then perform a procedure known as bonding. It involves putting a resin material around the chipped portion, making the tooth whole again. The resin material will be customized to match the sheen of the tooth so that it doesn't stick out. After the dentist is done, you won't be able to notice the chipped tooth at all. 

Severe Toothache

Every once in a while, you'll get a toothache. However, if it lasts for a long time and causes you a great deal of pain, that could indicate an infection. You'll thus want to work with an emergency dentist right away so that you can receive treatment fast. The dentist will thoroughly examine the tooth causing you agony, seeing if it indeed is infected. 

If it is, they can treat the infection with antibodies. Your pain will subside, and the dentist can then see why the infection happened. It could be as simple as an exposed section or something more severe like periodontal disease. Either way, the emergency dentist will find a long-lasting solution quick.

Missing Tooth

If you suffer something as severe as a tooth coming out of your mouth completely, don't worry. An emergency dentist can fix this issue by using dental implants. They look like real teeth and are secured directly in your jawbone.

You'll thus have a pretty permanent solution to the missing tooth, giving you confidence when eating and being active throughout the day. As long as you maintain this implant correctly over the years, it will last a long time.

Dental emergencies can sometimes happen when you least expect them to. Fortunately, emergency dentists are standing by to provide swift assistance when you need it the most. Whatever issue you're dealing with, they can alleviate pain and find a solution that you can trust. Contact a provider of emergency dental care to learn more.