The Truth About Your Tooth

Suffer From Dental Anxiety But Need Dental Implants? What You Should Know

Having to replace a missing tooth in your mouth may seem like something that is optional when it comes to your oral health. Although your teeth make your smile look more beautiful, they are also there to help you chew and to keep your jaw intact. When you have a missing tooth, it's important that you get it replaced right away, not for cosmetic purposes, but for the integrity of your smile and jaw health overall. For instance, when you have a missing tooth, it can cause your teeth to shift throughout your mouth, can inhibit your ability to chew well, and it can even lead to jaw deterioration if you're not careful. 

When you have something like a dental implant in place, it can help restore your smile and your jaw so that you don't run into any issues. As a surgical procedure, a dental implant involves two steps. First, your dentist will conduct surgery to implant a metal screw into your gums where your original tooth was. Then, after a few months of healing, your dentist will place a crown over the top of the screw to finish off the procedure. 

Because dental implants are considered to be a type of oral surgery, it may make you a bit nervous; especially if you suffer from dental anxiety. Rather than backing out of the surgery, though, because you are too nervous about it, there are some solutions to help you feel calmer and more comfortable. 


Typically for a dental implant, your dentist or periodontist will numb your entire mouth so that you don't feel a thing. The most you will feel is the pressure of your dentist pushing down on your jaw while inserting the dental implant. However, if even the thought of being awake during a procedure like that is going to send you running for the hills, then you can talk to them about sedation dentistry to knock you out. 

With sedation dentistry, your dentist can use something as mild as laughing gas to calm you down or they can use general anesthesia if needed. The great thing about these options is that they will help relax your nerves during and before the procedure so that your dentist can do their job well. 

Your dentist wants you to not only have a healthy mouth, but they also want you to feel comfortable during every treatment; especially a procedure like dental implants. To learn more about this surgery, reach out to your dentist today, and see what sedation options they have.