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Three Surprising Perks Of Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are more popular than ever for their convenience and the ease with which they can be removed to brush your teeth or eat a meal. However, these aren't the only perks that invisible braces have to offer. Consider the following bonuses that your invisible braces could someday offer you.

Grinding Guard

Invisible braces aren't tough enough to act as a sports bite guard, but they can help to prevent teeth grinding while you're asleep. They accomplish this the same way that a grinding guard does. Since your teeth are covered in plastic, there's no way for the teeth to rub against each other. They're sealed and protected, which can help to reduce damage to your teeth and may even help to reduce headaches and neck aches that are brought on by grinding your teeth.


One advantage to having invisible braces is that there's no need for an additional retainer when everything is said and done. Retainers are usually given to people to ensure that they don't lose their teeth adjustments as the years go by. They're usually worn at night when you sleep.

When you have invisible braces, the last pair of invisible braces you receive is essentially your retainer. There's no need to spend money on an additional piece of hardware or to sit still for another mold to be taken. Just take good care of that final pair of invisible braces and it will serve you well for years.

Stain Protection

Lastly, while you do take your invisible braces off to eat, you shouldn't take them off to drink. Invisible braces don't create an airtight seal on teeth, but they do provide a sort of umbrella for them by covering the surface of the teeth entirely. This means that when you drink something, your teeth typically aren't exposed to the beverage you're consuming. So if you regularly drink things like coffee or wine, you may notice that your teeth don't stain as badly as they normally would before getting invisible braces.

Invisible braces are a great solution for crooked teeth. They can provide nearly all the straightening power of traditional braces without the need for unsightly metal and wires sticking out of your mouth. If you want to have the straight smile you've been dreaming of without marring your smile for the next couple years, consider these benefits and ask your orthodontist about getting invisalign.