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What You Want To Know About Dental Bonding

Are you not happy with the look of your teeth and want to do something about it? The solution may be dental bonding. Here are some questions you will have about dental bonding before you move forward with the procedure.

What Conditions Can Dental Bonding Fix?

Dental bonding works great as a way to fix cosmetic problems with your teeth. Consider dental bonding if you have an issue with the shape of your teeth, with some of them looking odd due to being a bit pointy or short. You may have gaps between your teeth that you want to close up but don't want to get braces to do so. Dental bonding also works great on teeth that are chipped or broken, which can help restore the tooth's look and give it protection. You can even use dental bonding to correct the color of teeth that are discolored.

Will The Dental Bonding Process Take a Long Time?

Other cosmetic dental procedures, like veneers, can take several trips to the dentist to have done. This may take too much time, especially when you desire immediate results. 

Know that dental bonding will be completed in a single visit to the dentist. This can help if you want to correct your teeth for an upcoming special event where you want your teeth to look perfect or if you are simply impatient and don't want to return to the dentist for an additional visit to finish the procedure. 

Does Dental Bonding Hurt? 

The dental bonding process is not going to be painful at all to have done. If you are having work done to fix a chipped or broken tooth, a dentist is going to use Novocaine to numb that part of your mouth as they make alterations to the edges of the tooth for the bonding material to stick to. However, many forms of dental bonding do not require your mouth to be numbed at all. This makes dental bonding an appealing procedure to many patients. 

How Strong Is Bonding Material?

You'll be able to eat all your favorite foods with teeth that have bonding material on them. However, know that bonding material is not impervious to damage. It can break down over time, and will likely require maintenance or replacement at some point. It is one of the trade offs of selecting a procedure that is affordable and fast. 

For more information about cosmetic dentistry procedures like dental bonding, contact a local dental office.