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Are Dentists Still Open During The Coronavirus Lockdown?

When you have a dental problem, it doesn't stop just because the world has gone into a lockdown. Your dental issue will continue to develop and will likely grow worse if you don't seek help for it right away, which could not only hurt you but also put the health and life of your teeth at risk. But even so, you might be left wondering if dentists are even open right now, and what to do if you need help. Here's a quick answer to your question.

They Qualify To Be Open

Dentists are doctors and qualify to stay open as essential businesses as a result. You can expect your local dentist's office to be open the same way that your doctor's office is still open. So if you need help for something, you are more than welcome to make an appointment and head on in.

Precautionary Steps

If you're worried about your risk of getting the coronavirus while at your dentist's office, then know that they're likely taking additional steps to keep the office clean and sanitized during this time. You can always call and ask to be sure, but given the severity of the disease, most dentist's offices are sanitizing all surfaces after a patient leaves in order to protect the next person who comes along. So you shouldn't have to worry about contracting the virus because someone else had it and went to the dentist.

Normal Protection

When you stop to think about it, going to the dentist's office is actually one of the safest places you can go. Why? Because the dentist and hygienist are always wearing gloves and masks to begin with. This will prevent you from potentially catching anything and will keep them safe from anything you might be carrying, too. It's a win-win for both of you. By this time, it's likely that even the front desk assistant is doing the same in order to keep everyone safe.

Going to the dentist is entirely possible even during the current coronavirus lockdown, so if you're having some kind of dental trouble you shouldn't put off getting help just because of it. Make a call to ensure that they have available appointments and then get help before your dental problem becomes bigger and worse that might require more time to fix and more costly repairs. Your teeth are essential, so treat them that way always.

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