The Truth About Your Tooth

Are Dental Implants Better Than Dentures?

When you're tired of having missing teeth, you probably look to dental replacements like dental implants and dentures. Trying to decide between the two can be tough, especially if you want the one that's better than the other. If you're trying to make this decision for yourself, consider the results of these three questions.

Which Lasts Longer

If you're going to spend money on replacing your missing teeth, you should pick the solution that's going to last the longest. It just makes sense and will prevent you from having to spend money on the same issue all over again in a short period of time. So which one lasts longer?

The answer is dental implants, by far. Dentures are estimated to last a little over five years before they either break or need to be remade. This is usually because the dentures warp a bit over time and may not fit your mouth as well. Dental implants, on the other hand, if taken care of well, can actually last for a lifetime. 

Which Feels Real

Although it's not extremely important to the function of the teeth replacement, it's understandable if you want your new 'teeth' to feel as real as possible.

As you might expect, dental implants win here too. This is because dentures sit on top of the gums and don't penetrate beneath them, and are only attached with adhesive. Implants, on the other hand, sink down deep into the gums just like real teeth do and transfer pressure to the gums and bone like a real tooth would. So every time you take a bite or chew with dental implants, it'll feel like you have your real teeth back.

Which Supports Dental Health

Neither dental implants nor dentures do any damage to your mouth, but one of them is clearly the winner when it comes to supporting your dental health. That winner is dental implants.

Dental implants support dental health because they function like a real tooth. Remember how they go beneath the gums? This allows them to stimulate your gums, encouraging good circulation, which is good for gum health and any remaining teeth you may have. In addition, they also support bone health by stimulating the bone to grow new bone cells. Dentures can't offer any of these benefits and have no particular oral health benefits to share, so they lose this match.

By far, dental implants are the superior method for replacing missing teeth. If you want these benefits for yourself, talk to a specialized dental office, like New England Dental Specialists of Norwood, about getting implants.