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Positive Effects Of A Straight Smile

Smiling is a big part of people's lives. Some people naturally smile more than others, which does give them some benefits. While all smiles are good when they convey happiness, a straight smile can afford you more benefits. If you're on the fence about a teeth straightening procedure such as braces or clear aligners, keep reading for some of the positive effects of a straight smile have.

You Can Experience More Job Success

You're usually required to smile in business. A smile makes others feel more at ease. People, including employers, make snap judgments. Studies have shown that a genuine and beautiful smile can help you land a job. Such a smile can also help you close a sale or motivate others.

Part of the reason is attributed to the "halo effect." People look at your attractive smile and attribute more positive qualities to you. With that thinking, you might even be more prone to promotion with an attractive smile.

You Will Feel Increased Confidence

The halo effect isn't the only factor in play. People who project an aura of confidence also tend to do better in business. If you're uncertain about your smile because of crooked teeth, that lack of confidence will come through — you may even be less inclined to smile, which can also have a negative impact on parts of your business life.

Confidence is a good quality to have in other areas of your life, too. Indeed, some level of confidence can make you attractive to potential dates.

You're More Likely to Be in a Good Mood

With increased confidence should come an elevation of your mood. The act of smiling automatically affects your emotional state. Sure, it's possible to be in a bad mood and smile. However, a genuine smile can help promote a bright attitude.

Smiling actually triggers your brain to react positively. Suppose something bad happened. If you smiled in response, you might have a more positive outlook. Granted, your smile doesn't have to be straight for this effect to be true. But, as noted, people who think their smile is attractive are more likely to smile.

You'll Make More Positive Impressions

People make a lot of associations with someone's smile. Indeed, it's often one of the first things someone notices in a stranger. What's more, a straight, nice smile makes a lasting impression. People remember it for quite a while after the exchange.

The halo effect can work here, too. If people like your smile, they may assume they'll like other attributes about you, too. Naturally, you do have more than your smile to recommend you. However, a straight smile will help get people to those other qualities.

Reap the above rewards by having your smile straightened. Contact a dentist who offers services like Invisalign for more information.